World War 2
We Honor You With Grateful Thanks
For Saving Our Country And Freedom

The Warriors Code Of Honor
Written by a warrior, to help others who were in battle

In Loving Memory.. forever in our hearts.

Andrew Lovelady ~ Seaman 1st Class


CASU F-52 (Carrier Aircraft Service Unit Forward 52)
Photo: Iwo Jima
Several Seamen, who left school to join the effort, were included in the waves of Marines who hit Iwo Jima.
My Dad always felt he and others were forgotten, as the Marines are only mentioned,
when remembering the bloody battle on that small, sandy island.
We always laughed when my Dad said that was the 'Ritz' hotel on the right,
and that one of the guys got to it first, and used it instead of a tent.
Other duties: Tailgunner and BellyGunner
Medals: Asiatic Pacific Area Campaign Medal (1 star)
American Area Campaign Medal
World War II Victory Medal

Andrews' Photos

My Dad said the Enola Gay landed on Iwo Jima
but no one had any idea it carried the atom bomb.

William Roe Roberts
H Company 31st Infantry Regiment, (US), Philippine Division

POW Camp #1 - Cabanatuan 1-2-3 Nueva Province Luzon Philippines
Killed by friendly fire, while on the POW Ship, the Arisan Maru, on 10/24/44
after being put through the HORRENDOUS Bataan Death March.

Bataan Death March
Although Rowe somehow survived the Bataan Death March,
he and many other survivors were killed on a

(click to learn about the hell ships)
by friendly fire. Yet another atrocity. This was my great-uncle.
My Granny called him, 'her little redhaired brother,' and told us she was so angry,
but after much struggling, she found some forgiveness in what was done to her little brother.
She said he would never have been able to deal with life after that horrible march and all he saw.
After reading about Hell Ships, I cannot begin to imagine the horrors those brave men were exposed to.

Rowes' Purple Heart Certificate

Marion 'Lee' Harris ~ Staff Sgt.

Photo Taken: Germany
Armored Car Division

Alvin McDowell ~ US Navy

Photo Taken: unknown
"The little white bible has life saving words.
Please read it and say a little prayer
that Jesus will take you to His Kingdom."

Don Wilson ~ SM1 ~ USNR

1943 ~ 1946
Tour of Duty: USS Indiana
Marshall Gilbert Campaign
Philippine Operation
Marianas Operation
Iwo Jima Okinawa
Occupation of Japan

Noale N Bates ~

Service from 1943 ~ 1946
Gunman aboard the S.S. Samuel Brannor

Click here for Noales' Dedication Page
Noale is the Dad of Scott Bates.
You can see Scott on the Middle East link.
He fought in the Cold War, and created the page to honor his Dad Noale

Ralph Sengewalt ~ US Navy

Ralph was on the USS Bennington.
He was in Torpedo Squadron VT-82 in a TBM-3 Avenger

Click here for Ralphs' WWII Photos

Mac ~ US Navy

My dad, Mac, during WWII, while on shore leave in Hawaii visiting his brother.
His brother, Mickey, (also in the Navy), was a professional baseball player
and played for the US Navy Baseball Team which was based in Hawaii to entertain the troops

Sergeant First Class Woodrow Wilson Curtis
Grateful Thanks to Woodrow, who gave all.

Sergeant First Class Curtis was a veteran of World War II.
In Korea, he was a member of Company K,
3rd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division.
He was Killed in Action while fighting the enemy
near Hangye, South Korea on 25 May 1951.

Medals, Awards and Badges

Silver Star Medal with 1 Oak Leaf Cluster
Purple Heart
Army Good Conduct Medal
American Theater Campaign Medal
European, African, Middle Eastern Campaign Medal
World War II Victory Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Korean Service Medal
United Nations Service Medal
Republic of Korea War Service Medal
Army Presidential Unit Citation
Korean Presidential Unit Citation
Combat Infantryman Badge with 1 Star (2nd Award)
Parachutist Badge

Sergeant First Class Woodrow Wilson Curtis is buried at
Fort Lewis Cemetery in Fort Lewis, Pierce County, WA,
in Section 4E, Site 11

Grateful thanks to his family for the information.
Woodrow Curtis will also be placed on the Korea page,
as he served in both wars.

He was scared to death the first time,
but this 88 year old took Normandy by storm again in 2014
credit: Godvine

WWII: US Navy Patrol Torpedo Boat (PT Boat)

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Navajo Code Talkers Learn About Them In the Government Archives

Pearl Harbor & Bataan Death March Photos

USA Retailation Photos

Okinawa & IwoJima Photos

Island Campaign Photos

Germany WWII Photos

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Andrew Sisters YouTube Video (2:21)

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