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We Honor You With Grateful Thanks

The Warriors Code Of Honor
Written by a warrior, to help others who were in battle

LCpl Christopher Blake Rodgers
How grateful we are for his Service and ULTIMATE Sacrifice

KIA 01 Sept 2010
Missing My Hero Son
Save Me a Spot, Son ~ John 15:13

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Dignified Transfer of LCpl Christopher Blake Rodgers
3 September 2010

Sergeant First Class Jeremy
Thank you for your sacrifice

Medically retired as a Sergeant First Class with 12 years of service

Photo1: In a helicopter, Iraq Invasion day 1 2003

Photo 2: Summer 2003 southern Baghdad day after a major raid,
holding one of the confiscated SKS rifles

Pat Tillman, US Army Ranger

Pat Tillman Foundation

Captain Montgomery Granger
Thank you for your service

Pulling security while a vehicle in our convoy is repaired,
April 1, 2005, road between Baghdad/Abu Ghraib

Check out Montgomery's Awesome Book By Clicking The Link Below

Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay: A Memoir of a Citizen Warrior

You can watch Part 1 of Montgomerys' Interview Here

Part 2 of Montgomerys' Interview Here

(From Lin) I just signed the petition "Eric Cantor:
We would like the House leadership to bring
H.R. 2510,
the Helping Veterans Exposed to Toxic Chemicals Act,
to the House floor for a vote
as soon as possible." on Change.org.
It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

Be a Patriot & Sign the Petition

Help those who fought for me and YOU!

Thank You for Your Service

21 yrs Military Retired,
10 yrs active Army MLRS Desert Storm, 11 yrs USAFR OIF

Thank You for Your Service, Kenneth
CE2 NMCB74 U.S. Navy Seabees Desert Storm

And proudly, here is Kenneth's Marine son
Pfc Kaleb
Dress blues and eagles, globe and anchor

PFC 2nd Batallion 8th Marines Camp Lejeune NC

Thank You for Your Service

Joined the Marines (active) in 93 and served until 2006 (terminal was Jan 2006)
when I was honorably discharged a Staff Sergeant (SSgt).
My MOS' over the years were 1371 (Combat Engineer),
0481 (Landing Support Specialist), 8411 (Recruiter) and 8412 (Career Recruiter).
I served with 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion and went to Guantanamo Bay Cuba
with 3/2 for a humanitarian mission.
I returned and was attached to 2/8 for 24th MEU and went to Bosnia.
I returned and served as an instructor at Engineer Training Area 3,
where I taught marines demolitions and landmine warfare.
I ended up doing a lateral move to 0481 and served with the FSSG.
I went on two 24 MEU deployments with them and served in the Kosovo Campaign.
While returning stateside, I was drafted for recruiting duty and served as a Recruiter
where I excelled and was meritoriously promoted to SSgt.
I then worked with the University of Illinois NROTC and Officer Selection
before becoming a Career Recruiter and SNCOIC of recruiting offices in central IL.
At this time I made a decision with my family before getting promoted and moved,
to get out and fulfill my dream of becoming a Police Officer before I became too old.
I have been a Police Officer since Dec 2005
(I was still technically a Marine on terminal leave).

Thank You Daron

Awesome combat videos are below the clickable AD

Iraq Desert Storm f15 dog fighting (to Radar Love) YouTube (4:49)

Attack on the Fourth of July
REAL COMBAT footage in Afghanistan YouTube (20:45)

Navy SeaBees In Iraq YouTube (4:35)

More Video Links YouTube

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(All photos gratefully accepted)

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