You, Me, and PTSD

How do I convince you that people truly do care?
Our soldiers go to war, where many die,
so many are horribly wounded,
and then there are those who come home,
feeling a terrible guilt, along with PTSD.

Do you know you are loved?

How can we NOT love you, and care for you,
when you fought for our freedom?

Please... allow me to tell you something about me.
And don't let the boring parts stop you from reading all.
I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years.
I live in an old beat-up recliner, that increases my pain.
I cannot buy another one, due to getting $150/month full disability

Why am I telling you this?

I think it is because it reminds me of every Veteran.

There is No amount of money that can repay you!

If I lay the wrong way, (which I live on my left side),
the pain in my hip and upper leg scream for relief.
Yet I haven't found an answer or 'cure.'
If my home made pillow is placed in the wrong way,
my neck becomes so painful, and my head wants to explode.
Yet no matter how hard I try to fix it, I can't.
My lower legs and feet reach out to rest on my wheel chair.
Some people wonder why. You would have to be there,
to fully understand. I cannot reach around to grab the handle
to lift or lower the foot rest, so I do not use it.
So again, there is no 'fix' to help me.

I want to be out in the woods again,
where I was always happy, seeing all that God made.
I can no longer sit by the tiny, gurgling stream
and watch the pan sized trout dart around,
while dangling my warm feet in the icy water.
IF I made it to that stream, the suffering and lack of balance
would only take away my pleasure.
And supposedly, no doctor can help me.

My suffering does not compare to yours.
But it took me a long time to realize...
suffering is.... suffering, no matter what kind it is.
And Veterans are suffering so badly!
Look at the VA, they are evil, useless people
that Veterans gave freedom to, so they
could work, be free, and help others,
Yet they don't!

Our government lies, and gives very little support
to those who need it most.
BRAVE men died, searching for a deserter,
who was saved in a trade for 5 of the worst in Gitmo.
Veterans are fed deadly amounts of drugs, that do nothing
to ease their mental pain, and memories few could survive.

I am so grateful to the Lord, that I was able to sit by that stream
many times, all alone, when I first got sick.
I would try to take me apart, trying to deal with my problems.
I dug deep, looking for why I felt guilty.
I looked for the things I didn't like about myself.
And I dug deeper, wondering how to deal with my fear.
And when I found guilt, flaws, or fear, I mentally released them..
and let them each float softly down the stream...
never to be seen, felt, or found again.

I can only say I LOVE YOU, to every Veteran,
from every war.
Life is too precious, you are too precious,
to take away our love and respect for you.

Please. stay strong, Please don't leave us,
while the memory of you floats down the stream....
gone forever... never to be seen or known again.

You are cared about... and You Are Loved
and Respected, more than you can imagine.
You kept your WORD, you kept your HONOR.
It is my prayer you will always remember that.
Thank You for my Freedom,

The Warriors Code Of Honor
Written by a warrior, to help others who were in battle

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