The Cold War
To those who fought in the Cold War
And other wars, Grateful Thanks

The Warriors Code Of Honor
Written by a warrior, to help others who were in battle

Scott Bates
Thank You for Your Service

3/5 USMC 50 cal machine gunner 83-86
Cold War Era : Lebanon

You can see Scotts' Dad on the
WWII page

Dedication Page To Scotts' Dad:

Noale N Bates WWII 1944

who was a gunman aboard the S.S. Samuel Brannor

Sgt. Kelly M. O'Neal - US Marine Corps

Kelly served Nov 1977 - Nov 1981.

Sgt Dawg's Blog

My Deepest Apologies To All Who Fought in the Cold War

I am searching for war pictures, but I have found only poor quality images.
I read on a site, where Warriors were saying they did not need a medal or recognition,
but I Strongly disagree.
Please allow me to say, on behalf of many Patriots...
Thank You For Your Service!

Cold War Recognition Certificate Program

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