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Follow this link to timeless quotes and expressions. Here you'll find inspiration, words of wisdom, humor, memories and more, from famous and not so famous service members!

PTSD, stay Strong

This Link will lead you to
You, Me, and PTSd.
I really wish I could help,
but I can only tell you
to stay strong.

Helpful Links

I am very careful about the links posted. More will be added as I continue my research. My goal is to provide enough trusted links, to assist every kind of need & survivor benefits, regarding veterans.


Please read and sign Petitions of interest. These petitions are all concerning the Service and Benefit Rights of our great warriors who have defended and protected the USA. Now it is our turn to help them


This section contains answers to your questions. It contains an explanation about our Goals, Why This Site is being made, Acknowledgements, and more. Feel free to contact us with any questions. We will be happy to be of help in any possible way.

Let Us Join Together and Thank Every Veteran Possible, Who Has Sacrificed So Much, To Assure Our Freedom.

If you are not 100% FOR Veterans, leave now.

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To those who wish to judge:

This website is NOT about politics. It is NOT about whether you agree with war.
It IS about the brave men and women who have given so much, out of love of country.
Every Veteran has earned the right to have their words
heard, whether you like those words.. or not.

Captain Montgomery Granger
Thank you for your service

Check out Montgomery's Awesome Book By Clicking The Link Below

Saving Grace at Guantanamo Bay: A Memoir of a Citizen Warrior

Among The Dead: My Years in The Port Mortuary JW Harper, Author
Gripping true story of a units
Military Service following 9/11.
Makes a great gift for military family/friends

Poll finds increase in post-9/11 veterans
who have considered suicide.

Bugles Across America. PLEASE DONATE.

If you need a Bugler for a Veteran
burial, please contact them.
They do not charge you.

WWII vet beaten to death by teens outside
Eagles Lodge in SPOKANE, WA

Delbert Belton, 88, a warrior who fought
in the Battle of Okinawa,
was beaten by two clueless PUNKS
who have no idea
about our heroes who fought for their freedom.
GOD help the USA and PARENTS
who do not teach their children any MORALS
Thank You, Delbert,
for our FREEDOM.

See Andrew on YouTube
Andrew O'Brien
Suicide Survivor and Preventer / OIF Veteran / Founder / Author / Speaker
WYSH Project

4YourVets Beautiful Music
I love writing song's for troops & veterans.
And to honor their service and perform
at VA hospitals, bases & veteran gatherings.

Here is his YouTube Page
His words, voice, and music are beautiful!

Jason Talbot's Blog
Ride for Veterans
Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning.
Marine veteran remembering the time I served
as well as looking to help others.

Dallas News Regarding Military Suicide
Mother makes promise to her daughter, who died from suicide,
due to PTSD after an IED attack
that caused traumatic brain injury.

Final Honor
Non-Profit accepts as low as $1.00 donations
to help with Veteran's funerals.
CEO is a Veteran Sgt. 82nd,101st ABN.DIV. & Veteran advocate

I just signed the petition "Eric Cantor:
We would like the House leadership to bring
H.R. 2510,
the Helping Veterans Exposed to Toxic Chemicals Act,
to the House floor for a vote
as soon as possible." on
It's important. Will you sign it too? Here's the link:

Be a Patriot & Sign the Petition

Help those who fought for me and YOU!

Please scroll down to see special photos,
including an Iwo Jima Veteran, a Fallen Hero,
and a victim of the FORT HOOD Massacre
committed by a TERRORIST!
Yet another 'SHAME ON YOU, GOVERNMENT' situation.

Veteran's Links

All links at the top of the page, lead to Honor in each war,
and incredible war photographs and videos.
Please consider sharing your photos.

Let Us Never Forget

Proposal that Veterans needing jobs be allowed
to work at the border to protect our country.
Please, Patriots, take a moment of your time to sign

Click for Angel Flight

Bringing our Fallen Home. Beautiful!

S1st Class Andrew Lovelady
2nd wave with Marines on Iwo Jima
So very thankful for his Service

Not uncommon valor for warriors to go to battle
at age 17

LCpl Christopher Blake Rodgers
How grateful we are for his Service and ULTIMATE Sacrifice

KIA 01 Sept 2010
Dignified Transfer of LCpl Christopher Blake Rodgers
3 September 2010

SSG Shawn Manning

Photo taken late 2012 when Shawn was medically retired.
(It took 3yrs for Medical Retirement to be processed.)
We are so very thankful for his Service at FORT HOOD

Shawn wants all victims to be granted combat status,
as victims are being denied benefits,
due to the Fort Hood shooting being classified
as "workplace violence."

PATRIOTS, Please Sign The Petition
Vets deserve better treatment:
Reform the Department of Veterans Affairs Petition | GoPetition

Serving Those that Serve US!


Family members can use this FREE website to
keep others posted about a hospitalized Veteran.
Also, anyone who is far away from home, in a hospital,
can keep their family and friends notified of their condition.

Deer Trail

Streaming 24/7 live trail cams
A Great (non-hunting) site helping everyone relax and see many types of wildlife.

If you know who sends these awards,
I would like to know, as I lost the email/code from them.